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Casino Holdem poker rules. How to win at the casino?

The world of poker is not limited to actively cultivated types, such as Stud, Omaha and, of course, Texas Holdem. The poker industry is constantly evolving, resulting in new and interesting varieties of games. Such a game was Casino Holdem poker, which represents a type of game against the casino. The game carries the emotions of Texas Hold’em Heads-Up and the excitement of other types of casino games. After all, winning at the casino is always enjoyable.

The common features of this game with Texas Holdem are the standard poker card deck, as well as the poker combinations that the player can collect during the game. All other rules are unique and we will look at them first.

Holdem Casino rules and features

To form the initial pot, according to the rules of casino poker, the game begins with the mandatory bets of the dealer, as a representative of the casino, and the player in the Ante field. The size of this bet may vary within 1-100 set Ante size.

The next stage of the game Casino Poker is the distribution of cards. Opponents are dealt two face-down pocket cards, and the table is laid out “open” series of three cards, called as in Texas Hold’em “flop. Based on what the maximum strength combination can be put together from the available 5 cards, the player decides the course of the next game. In this situation, he must choose one of the solutions:

  • Discard his cards (make a Fold) if he considers his cards weak, and thus stop the game;
  • To make the next bet Call, which gives the right to continue the game. The size of the bet in this case is equal to the original two.
Casino Holdem poker online

In the second case, the dealer puts an additional 2 cards on the gaming table, and their number increases to 5 cards. Thus, the dealer and the player make their combination of 7 cards: 2 pocket cards and 5 are on the table. The winner is determined by the results of the opening of the opponent’s cards. In this case, the following situations can occur:

  1. To continue the game by the dealer, his box must be represented by a combination of at least a pair of fours. If there is no such minimum combination, there is a situation “the dealer has no game”. In this case, the player returns his bet, and the winnings are paid on the initial bet according to the established rules of poker in the casino.
  2. If the dealer has a combination ranked higher than the player’s combination, the winnings go to the casino and the player loses his bets.
  3. The player gets an advantage in a situation where the dealer is in play, but the rank of the received combination is lower than the player. In this case, the Ante winnings are paid according to the established rules, and the Call bet – 1 : 1.
  4. If the dealer in the game and the game combinations of opponents are equal, the game is counted as a draw. In such a situation, bets are returned to the player.

In addition to these two bets in Casino Poker there is a third – bonus bet. This bet is made in the event that from the first five cards – two pocket cards and three cards on the flop is a combination of AA +. Bonus bet is placed on the AA+ field in conjunction with the Ante in poker.

Game payouts

The peculiarity of the rules of Casino Hold’em is also in the order of payouts of winnings. First, the order of Ante and Call payouts is different. If Call winnings are always paid out as 1:1, the Ante payout table has three variants of proportions. The most common is the payout variant with odds:

  • Royal Flush – 100;
  • Straight Flush – 20;
  • Kare – 10;
  • Full House – 3;
  • Flush – 2;
  • Other combinations – 1.

In addition, payouts may vary from casino to casino. Bonus payouts are made regardless of the result of the main game. There is a separate payout table here, according to which the royal flush is paid at odds of 100 to 1, the straight flush is 50, the square is 40, the full house is 30, the flush is 20, the straight and under is 7 to 1.


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