Poker Texas Holdem rules for beginners and a brief game history

Poker Texas Holdem history and basic rules

Texas Holdem poker is one of the most popular card games around the world, including land-based casinos, online poker rooms and tournaments. It’s also the main event on World Series of Poker. This guide will tell you a brief Texas Holdem poker history and explain how to play poker, what bets are used and how to win. Or check your skills on this site.

Poker Texas Holdem roots and road to success

Poker texas holdem

It’s still a mystery who invented the game and when exactly it has happened, but it’s generally accepted that it was in the early 1900s in Robstown, Texas. The other fact is that it was played only within this state until it was brought to Vegas by Crandell Addington, Amarillo Slim and Doyle Brunson in1967.

The first few years is was available only in Golden Nuget, which is downtown casino, so it still wasn’t very popular. The things changed when the game reached Dunes casino, where a couple of high rollers made good money on it.

Still, the most important event that was the beginning of Poker Texas Holdem ascending was the establishment of World Series of Poker in 1970. Since 1971 it the main event on WSOP. Then the game tournaments came on TV, which increased it’s potential audience. Thesa tournaments were streamed live and watched by thousands of people.

Also, the game came to web casinos in the end of 1990s – at the beginning of 2000s. For now it’s played by millions of gamblers all over the world and WSOP tournaments gather thousands of participants.

Poker Texas Holdem rules

Here is what you need to know about the game:

  1. It can be played by 2 – 10 gamblers.
  2. Seven cards can be used to make the best 5-card combination (5 community cards and 2 hole cards).
  3. Poker Texas Holdem can have from 1 to 4 betting rounds. It depends on the game flow.
  4. Pre-game bets like small and big blind are used. Sometimes gamblers also make antes.
  5. Only the best 5-card combination does matter. Other ones are not evaluated when the winner is determined.

One player is always a nominal dealer in the game. He or she is called Button. The action starts with small blind and big blind wagers. The first one is made by the person on the left to the button. The second one is twice bigger. It’s made by the gambler on the left from small blind.

Then comes Pre-Flop round. Other players can whether call (accept the big blind), raise or fold (quit the round and lose). The action goes clockwise. Then comes Flop. On this stage 3 community cards are dealt, which is followed by another betting round. The first turn is made by the Small Blind player. He or she can increase the wager, check (no actions) or fold. Other players have such options as call, check, raise and fold.

The next 2 rounds are called Turn and River. They both reveal one more community card and start an additional betting round. The winner is determined by the best 5-card combination, if there are 2 or more participants left in the end. If all other gamblers folded, the winner is the one that is left in the game.

Where to play?

It’s crucial to find a good poker room. It should offer:

  • many games;
  • fair gaming;
  • licensed software;
  • lucrative bonuses;
  • reasonable buy-ins.

A good website to try Poker Texas Holdem is 247 Poker, where you’ll find lots of free card games and many tournaments.


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