Royal Straight Flush – collect the best combination and win Royal

Royal Straight Flush – the strongest combination

For all players who have just started playing Poker, in addition to the rules of the game, need to carefully study the combinations existing in this entertainment. Learning and remembering the Poker hand list in reality is not so difficult, but the main feature here is the player’s ability to notice the necessary combination during the game and accurately assess its strength and capabilities. A special case in the game has long been considered a set of cards from which the Royal Straight Flush was formed, which represents the strongest hand. In practice, it is extremely rare, but always guarantees a victory to the player.

In fact, card hands differ from the combination in that they are a group of cards that are used exclusively for opening. They may or may not have a combination. In Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud and Draw Poker, users use special graphics with classic combinations. Experienced experts even recommend that beginners print them so they can carry them with them at the right time. There are high-quality fact-finding pictures and even a brief description of them.

Flush value for Poker

The Flush Straight combination in Poker is a special set of five cards that have the same suit and go in order from the lowest to the highest. She has the signs of both Straight and Flash, and both a novice and an experienced participant in a gambling dream of collecting it. Of great importance here is the role of Ace, which may be the highest card, and in some cases, taken as 1. If several players managed to collect cards with the same suit, then the winning player with the highest cards in the deck.

Here’s how to behave player who has a Straight Flush on hand:

  • Having collected this combination, the player can count on a confident victory. Therefore, he should carefully and leisurely strive to maximize the winning fund;
  • The competitor must learn to bluff with opponents who have good cards so that they put as many chips as possible;
  • In order not to be disappointed in the outcome of the game as a result, the player must behave with restraint and not give out his luck, which comes very rarely;

There is no special recipe for a successful Flush Poker. However, it is known that the more hands will be played, the higher the chances of a winning combination.

All combinations after Royal Straight Flush

All combinations of classic Poker are made up of two closed pocket cards and three community open cards on the table. There are 10 of them and this is what Poker hands ranked looks like:

  1. Royal Straight Flush is five consecutive cards of the same suit (10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace). This set is extremely rare, but if two players come across this combination, the bank is divided in half.
  2. Straight Flush provides for the presence of five cards of the same suit of the junior dignity (from 2 and more). Here, when controversial issues arise, the player with the highest card wins.
  3. The Four of a Kind combination is about 4 cards of the same rank, plus a kicker. If the opponent has the same combination, the one with the highest kicker wins.
  4. Under the name Full House, mean three cards of the same rank and a couple of others. For example (10, 10, 10, J, J).
  5. Flush is observed in case of five cards of the same suit, where the winner is determined by the highest card.
  6. Straight means five cards of different suits in order according to rank. Here the Ace may be the oldest and youngest card.
  7. Three of a Kind is three cards of equal value. The best are three Aces, King or Queen.
  8. Next come Two Pairs, One Pair and High Cards, the names of which speak for themselves.

By carefully studying or printing this list, players will always be able to make the right decision during the game.


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