How to deal Texas Hold’em and other features of the game

How to deal Texas Hold’em overview details

Every type of poker is distinct in terms of rules. The rules are typically concerned with the way poker hands are made and the way the game is dealt.

So, when it comes to Hold’em deal, game modes may educate any individual of how it is dealt and how many consequent rounds exist out there. It also includes how many stages the game is consisted of and how many cards are given to players during these stages. It also matters a lot whether cards dealt being flopped down are opened.

How Texas Hold’em is dealt?

How to deal Texas Hold’em is the question for every beginner who comes to play and wonders how to win at Hold’em. Well, the answer could be defined pretty easily as players trying to construct five cards poker out of seven cards that are given right from the beginning and dealt over the course of several consequent rounds. The rounds are consisted of several stages. There are also names for these stages as well as different number of cards are dealt during the stages. Two players are also obliged to make blinds, because if obligation does not exist, no one would ever make the best first.

The game is dealt as follows:

  • Players are given two cards each being faced down.
  • “Faced up” cards are defined as community cards and these cards are dealt in three stages, which makes the foundation of deal in Texas Hold’em action.
  • At stage one, three cards are given and it is called flop.
  • At stage two, one more card is given and it is called turn.
  • At stage three, final card is given river.

The proceedings are moving clockwise starting from the left of the dealer. The first two players who take a sit next to the dealer will be obliged to make the first blind. The first player makes small blind and the second player makes big blind.

In some tournaments, blinds are raised at regular intervals. However, when players play cash games, blinds will stay the same almost at all times. It also reflects poker tips that players may use, so deeper understanding of how to deal Texas Hold’em is needed.

Questions concerning the dealing

There are quite a few questions that players may have, which should be clarified. It will help to get to grips with the rules and the gameplay. Here are some of the questions that people may face and short answers on which are given below:

  • When does first round of bets take place? – After players are given the first two cards.
  • Who is going to act first? – The player to the left of the big blind acts first and is called as “under the gun”.
  • What options does the player have? – There are three options: (1) Call – match the amount, (2) Rise – increase the bet, (3) Fold – throw the hand.
  • To what extend can the bet be raised? – There are specific rules for each game and bet can be raised within the limits of the game’s rules.
  • When does second betting round take place? – It takes place after the “Flop”.
  • When does third betting round occur? – It occurs after the “Turn”.
  • When will final betting round take place? – After the “River”.
  • Who wins the game? – The game is won by a player who constructs the highest ranking hand.

The rules may differ slightly depended on different Hold’em rules in different poker types but how to deal Texas Hold’em strictly follows the above mentioned rules except for a few rare variations.


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